Did Leva Lose Weight From Southern Charm

Did Leva Lose Weight From Southern Charm?

Did Leva lose weight from Southern Charm

Leva Bonaparte is an American reality TV star best known for her role on Bravo’s hit show Southern Charm. The show follows seven socialites living in Charleston, South Carolina as they navigate life’s ups and downs together.

She lives a very different lifestyle than the other Southern Charm cast members – she owns restaurants and bars in Charleston with her husband, Lamar Jr. They have one son together named Lamar.

Leva experienced a lot of pressure during her first season on Southern Charm as the first recurring woman of color in its cast. Additionally, she was married to Lamar Bonaparte – restaurant owner and first black male character on the show – which added an additional layer of pressure.

But that didn’t stop her from setting goals and achieving them. To stay healthy, she ate nutritiously, drank lots of water, and worked out regularly. Furthermore, she attempted to steer away from negative body image messages online by focusing on personal development instead of comparing herself to others.

However, she faced criticism online due to body shame. On her Instagram post, she responded to the comments by affirming that people of all sizes are welcome and celebrated diversity.

The 43-year-old restaurateur was more focused on her family and career than any of the drama that ensued amongst Southern Charm actors. Her relationship with Kathryn Dennis remained strained throughout much of the first season, but ultimately she emerged victorious. Even after accidentally using an incorrect monkey emoji when speaking to her about cheating allegations against Lamar Bonaparte, she had to “teach” Kathryn about racial issues.

Her weight loss journey on the show has become a popular topic with viewers and followers, who eagerly compared her before- and-after photos and asked for details about the procedure she underwent to achieve her slimmer figure.

Leva has always been one to monitor her food intake and diet, yet during pregnancy she found it harder than ever to shed the extra pounds. Although she eventually achieved success in losing the extra weight, Leva acknowledged it wasn’t an easy process.

She revealed that during her pregnancy, she underwent numerous hormone treatments which caused her to gain weight. Nevertheless, she is content with how she looks now and plans to continue on in her weight loss journey.

Her desire for pregnancy ultimately caused the weight gain. At mid-30s, it was difficult for her not to have children yet; consequently, she underwent hormone treatments in an effort to reduce stress levels.

After her son was born, she was able to shed most of her extra weight. Additionally, she underwent some plastic surgery for comfort in her new body. Moreover, she shared with fans that she has a healthy and positive outlook on life, with an attractive figure now.

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