Derek Fisher Kobe Bryant Wife

Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant Share a Special Bond

Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant formed an extraordinary bond during their five NBA championship-winning years together as teammates, which has continued into today. Both share an avid appreciation for basketball as well as Christianity; whenever needed they always had each other’s back. Both also had families that they took care of together; Kobe often assisted his brother’s families during times of hardship for example.

Kobe Bryant and Shaq first crossed paths when they both joined the Los Angeles Lakers as rookies in 1996, soon becoming teammates during 14 seasons on the court and five championship victories as teammates of Kobe. Kobe officially retired in 2014 but his legacy will live on through various projects initiated by former teammates and community organizations alike.

Bryant and Fisher formed an impressive one-on-one partnership in a league filled with star free agents with massive egos; Kobe refers to Fisher as Fish, and Fisher was his perfect complement on the court and off it. Though sometimes fighting on court and off it respectively, together they formed an unbreakable tandem; with Fisher providing an emotional stability between two demanding superstars with temperamental leaders – an alliance they were both extremely proud to lead their respective teams through.

Looking at them together in this photo makes it obvious how important their relationship is. Both in their late 40s, they have endured much together – Kobe’s health issues putting immense pressure on his family – but through it all together have found support to see things through and hopefully things will work out well in the end.

Though their photo together didn’t reveal anything conclusive of dating, it certainly captured people’s imagination and led many people to speculate whether or not they were dating; while some fans supported their romantic inclinations while others weren’t as accepting.

However, the photo caused quite a stir both on social media and within sports circles. Many were shocked that Vanessa Kobe would even consider dating Fisher after all she has gone through with Kobe, while some hoped it was just a rumor; but it appears they may be getting serious – this would surely come as a huge blow to Vanessa as well as being unfair towards Kobe’s widow who has suffered enough already if it proves accurate; hopefully though this photo doesn’t hold an indication of future plans! If that proves accurate expect a vigorous backlash if accurate!

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