Demetria Mckinney And Roger Bobb

Demetria McKinney Says Goodbye to Roger Bobb

Demetria McKinney has been romantically involved with Roger Bobb for approximately eight years, ever since she made an appearance on Tyler Perry Studios’ House of Payne as its star. Their relationship was discussed on RHOA as several women speculated whether or not he was being faithful; now however, Demetria posted a picture with Eric “Nealante” Phillips, owner of an Atlanta music studio and she appears to have moved on from him.

Demetria McKinney is no stranger to The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers, as her presence has caused ripples among her peers this season. Demetria doesn’t hold back when criticizing Claudia and Phaedra.

On a recent episode of RHOA, Demetria was confronted by Kandi Burruss’ friend Gocha about her rumored affair with Roger Bobb. This speculation caused widespread interest; all wondering if they actually hooked up. Demetria took to her Bravo blog in order to address these rumors – however it appears as though these are nothing more than that: mere speculations.

RHOA star Demetria McKinney and entertainment executive Roger Bobb have long been in a serious relationship, even wearing her stunning engagement ring to last week’s Growing Up Hip Hop premiere where it could be seen by all. Now it appears as though this engagement has ended, and McKinney may soon move on with someone new.

Roger has been at the center of her attention over time, appearing frequently as she focused on him during their nearly decade long relationship. Some RHOA ladies questioned if he was committed.

At the start of 2016, Demetria and JD announced their engagement on New Year’s Eve and have planned their September wedding date. Demetria has also appeared in stage plays such as Necessary Roughness, Drop Dead Diva, Chicago Med and Being Mary Jane; you can catch Demetria every Sunday night on Bravo or Peacock TV at 8/7c!

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