Delrhonda Hood Net Worth 2021

Delrhonda Hood Net Worth 2021

Besides being a motivational speaker, Delrhonda Hood is also a mother of three children. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She is also a community activist.

Jamila T Davis is a high-paid community activist

Despite a 12-and-a-half year stint in prison for a multimillion-dollar mortgage scheme, Jamila T Davis is a well-rounded American. She’s a writer, educator, entrepreneur, and community activist.

Jamila was a talented dancer and had straight A’s in school. She was also a devoted churchgoer. She attended the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan. Her parents wanted to give their children a better life. But Jamila was snared by the drug trade and eventually changed her ways.

Eventually, Jamila became a successful real estate broker. She aided people with poor credit to obtain homes. She also bought nine high-end estates in Bergen County, New Jersey. This was a big deal, especially for a teenager.

As she gained more experience in the real estate industry, she started her own company. She provided millions of dollars in financing for celebrity homes. In addition, she helped hip hop artists purchase luxury cars such as a Mercedes Benz.

She also had the audacity to use her success to create a company that specialized in helping people with mental health problems. These days, she’s a licensed mental health counselor and is also a motivational speaker.

Delrhonda Hood is a mother of three children

Known as a gangsta, Delrhonda Hood is a former American gangster and drug boss. She has been credited for illegal activities, including drugs, fraud and firearms possession. She has a net worth of $30 million to $40 million. She is also a motivational speaker and radio host. She has been featured on TV shows such as American Gangster Presents: Big Fifty and American Gangster Trap Queens.

Delrhonda Hood was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA. She was the oldest of four siblings. She grew up on the East Side of Detroit. She was attracted to the drug life. She started out hanging out with dancers at a local strip club. She met Ricky, a drug partner. Ricky gave Delrhonda Hood the nickname Big Fifty.

Delrhonda Hood is a mother of two sons and one daughter. Her sons are Eric and Rodney Hood. She has two grandchildren. Kamari Hood is 11 and Kingston Hood is 14. Kamari is Delrhonda Hood’s first child. She has refused to share details about her son.

Delrhonda Hood’s zodiac sign is Scorpio

During her heyday, Delrhonda Hood was one of the wealthiest women in Detroit. She had an illustrious career in the drug industry, and has earned her place in Black American culture. She was a drug lord, a gangster, and a motivational speaker. Despite her successes, she served time in prison.

Delrhonda Hood’s life story has been featured in the TV show American Gangster Presents: Big Fifty. The show explores the life of this infamous gangster. She has been featured on the show for her role in the shady drug business, and her role as a motivational speaker.

The horoscope sign of Delrhonda Hood is the Scorpio, a sign known for its mysterious nature. She has two sons: Eric Hood and Rodney Hood. She also has a daughter named Lucy. She has a modest social media presence. She has also done her part to keep her name out of the spotlight.

Delrhonda is not the first woman to make a name for herself in the crime world. She was actually the first woman to be sentenced to prison for a drug crime. Her crime spree began when she was just a teenager.

Delrhonda Hood is a motivational speaker

Amongst her siblings, Delrhonda Hood is the oldest. Her birth date is October 28, 1965. She is a mother of two sons, Rodney and Eric. She is also the grandmother of Kingston and Kamari. She is currently residing in Detroit.

Delrhonda Hood started her career in the entertainment industry. She used her mature physique to earn money. She also became a motivational speaker. She hosts a radio show called Keeping It 100 with Big Fifty. She has over 15k followers on Instagram.

She got the nickname Big Fifty after her husband Ricky Gibson named her that. Delrhonda grew up on the East Side of Detroit. She was known as the wealthiest woman in her neighborhood. She started out as a stripper in a local club. She was also a member of a gang.

Delrhonda Hood had to take care of her younger siblings as a child. She got pregnant at fifteen years old and gave birth to her first son, Rodney. Her second son is Eric Hood.

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