Dead Body Found In Lake Elsinore 2021

Dead Body Found in Lake Elsinore 2021

On September 10, 2021, police and fire personnel discovered the body of a man in Lake Elsinore. He was discovered behind rocks along the shore behind 12700 Lake Ave and partially submerged, according to Westlake police spokesman Adam Schwertner.

Authorities believe the body had been submerged for an “extended period”; there were no calls made before its discovery. He wasn’t wearing anything that could identify him, and police say he stood 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed 150 to 170 pounds.

Submersion in water can be caused by several factors, including its temperature. Sohn noted that colder waters tend to keep bodies submerged longer and may prevent them from decomposing properly. When someone passes away, bacteria consume their flesh and begin the natural decomposition process; gases like methane, nitrogen and oxygen are produced depending on which bacteria reside inside a person’s digestive system.

Lakes during wintertime often freeze much faster than they do during the summer, meaning natural decomposition takes a longer time. If a body is submerged in water, it will remain there and not decay until warmer weather returns.

As temperatures rise, bacteria begins to feed more rapidly and the body begins to decompose faster. Eventually, it will rise like a balloon from the bottom of the lake and float upward.

In some instances, bodies will bob up from the water’s edge and rest on shore. When this occurs, it usually indicates that someone has died from drowning or having their life taken by a boat.

When a body is pulled from the water, it may be covered in ice. This makes it difficult to determine what shape and where exactly in the lake the deceased lies.

However, if the body is partially submerged in water and not exposed to direct sunlight or wind, it will be easier to spot and identify. This information may even assist with determining the cause of death.

On Saturday evening, Lakewood Police were dispatched to Lakewood Park at 7:58 p.m. to investigate a body that was partially submerged in water and partially on rocks.

A passerby in the park noticed a body and alerted authorities. Unfortunately, due to its location in a cove at the northeast end of the park, authorities were unable to locate any identification on it or in its immediate surrounding area.

The Lakewood police department is investigating the incident. It remains unknown how long the man’s body was submerged or why. An autopsy will determine the cause of death once conducted.

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