Dayton Ohio Tornado 2022

Dayton Ohio Tornado 2022

This week will mark the peak of tornado season for North Dakota, and violent outbreaks are often witnessed at this time of year. Most severe storms typically appear between late May and early June.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that an EF-2 tornado passed through West Milton and Tipp City Wednesday afternoon, wreaking extensive damage at Meijer distribution center in Tipp City where one exterior wall collapsed and its roof sustained extensive damage. A tornado survey is currently under way with further details expected soon to follow.

As well as the tornado warning, Ohio weather officials issued a separate severe thunderstorm alert for parts of southwest Ohio. These storms produced strong winds, hail, and funnel clouds; Butler, Clark, Darke, Franklin, Greene, Mercer Miami Montgomery Preble Shelby Warren counties were affected.

An epic winter storm has been creating chaos in Ohio. Northern Ohio is bracing itself against rain, freezing rain and sleet; while central Ohio has seen several inches of snow fall. Some regions have even broken snowfall records!

Even though most of New Hampshire has avoided severe storms so far, it is essential that residents know what to do if severe weather strikes. A basement or cellar are the safest places during severe weather; otherwise go indoors–preferably to a bathroom or closet–and stay put until conditions clear up. Also avoid outdoor spaces as these don’t provide protection from flying debris which is a leading cause of deaths during tornadoes.

When in the path of a tornado, never stand under an overpass or bridge – they aren’t safe areas and you may get caught up in its force. If you find yourself trapped inside during a stormy period, find an open ditch or depression where you can kneel face-down and cover your head with your hands to minimize injury.

Volunteers in Dayton have been hard at work cleaning up debris and rebuilding following severe storms which struck Dayton. After their passage through Dayton many residents still do not have power – with many left without it for days afterward.

After experiencing severe storm damage, it’s essential that your home be thoroughly inspected for damage. Hiring a professional roofing contractor will allow them to assess its condition and recommend any necessary repairs or maintenance needed for it. Schedule an inspection appointment now in order to protect against severe weather events; sooner rather than later will reduce chances of further damages during tornado outbreaks or hail storms. An annual home inspection can bring peace of mind knowing your home is ready to withstand whatever may come its way!

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