David Preston Jessop Now

Who is David Preston Jessop Now?

David Preston Jessop rose to prominence when he became linked with reality star Robyn Brown and her polygamist husband Kody, as the couple went through an extremely turbulent marriage which ultimately ended in divorce, with Robyn leaving Kody and moving onto other wives of his. They shared three children during their time together: Dayton, Aurora and Cora – leaving many fans curious as to what has become of them since their split.

Since his divorce from Robyn, Jessop has kept most aspects of his life confidential. He does not maintain social media accounts and has distanced himself from Apostolic United Brethren church membership. In 2018, however, his last public appearance was when he was arrested on assaulting family member charges which later reduced to disorderly conduct charges.

According to a GoFundMe page, Jessop still resides in Pinesdale, Montana and does not plan on having children with his new spouse anytime soon. Additionally, he hopes to retire soon so he can focus on improving his health and well-being.

Jessop has kept busy in his time away from the public eye with acting. He made his TV comedy debut as Chris Finch on The Office in England before going on to appear in various shows and movies including Donald Bamford in Goodnight Sweetheart, Zack in Coronation Street, and ex-soldier Sam Walker in Spooks (all shown above).

Jessop does not share any children with his current partner, Robyn Brown; however, they did have three with their former one despite some differences that prevented them from getting closer. After meeting in the late ’90s as students they quickly began dating; soon thereafter they married on June 1999 with Dayton born shortly thereafter followed by Aurora and Breanna later.

Robyn revealed to the press upon their divorce, stating that her ex-husband was abusive towards her and their children. While it was difficult, ultimately Robyn made the best choice for herself and their children. They have not spoken in recent years, leading many people to speculate they have become estranged.

Robyn Brown recently shared an image on Twitter showing herself with her three oldest children, Dayun, Aurora and Breanna, with the caption reading, “DayunAuroraBreanna”. Fans had long been questioning who these children were; Meri later confirmed that Kody is their biological father.

Kody has been coy about discussing his ex-husband; however, he has expressed that he loves their children and is content with how they are raised. Unfortunately, however, due to allowing his sisters to adopt them he no longer has custody of the girls and they do not seem close with him anymore; therefore it remains uncertain when they will see him again or when their relationship may reestablish itself in some form or another.

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