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Castle Pines Elections – Mayor Race and City Council Seats

Castle Pines will hold a mayoral race and also elect council members for Districts 1, 2, and 3. Tera Radloff, the current mayor, faces two challengers in the race for mayor – Tracy Engerman, the District 3 councilmember, and David McEntire, the current president of the Castle Pines North Metro District. Radloff is currently in her first term as mayor and is running for reelection. However, Engerman is not running for re-election and must step aside if she wins.

David McEntire

Two candidates are vying for the mayor’s position in Castle Pines: current Councilmember Tracy Engerman and former Councilmember David McEntire. Engerman leads with 1,742 votes, while McEntire is third with 1,637 votes. According to the latest results, Douglas County election officials still have to verify nearly 400 more ballots. Both have stated that they are committed to working together in the best interests of the community.

The current council has begun work on a half-mile reconstruction of Castle Pines Parkway, but Lowen and McEntire say it has been too long. They say that rebuilding city streets is a priority. But they must step aside from the Metro District to run for city council, a decision that will have to be finalized once they are elected. They also note that the current condition of Castle Pines Parkway has been a concern for years.

Tracy Engerman

After the disputed election results, the Castle Pines City Council will decide whether to appoint a replacement, call a special election or fill Engerman’s term. In both cases, the council has 90 days to fill the seat. In the case of a special election, it will cost the city $15,000, which is likely to be avoided. Engerman’s term expires in 2024, and McEntire must step down as president of Castle Pines Metro District. If Engerman wins, she will vacate her current council seat, and a special election will be held to fill the vacancy.

Engerman will challenge Mayor Radloff in District 3 to fill the vacancy. Although Engerman opted not to run for re-election, he said that it was his top priority to finish a five-year plan to rebuild Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard. Another candidate in the race is David McEntire, the president of the Castle Pines North Metro District. Ben Price, the incumbent, is up against both candidates.

If you have been following the races in Castle Pines, you may have noticed that two local politicians are running for mayor. Tracy Engerman, the incumbent councilmember, is running for the mayor’s position. However, the Castle Pines North Metro District president, David McEntire, will be the vice mayor. Both candidates must resign from their current positions if they want to stay in their jobs.

Chuck Lowen

Two candidates are running for Mayor of Castle Pines Teraradloff. Former councilmember Tracy Engerman is the current council president, while David McEntire is the current candidate. Engerman was leading the pack with 1,742 votes and McEntire was second with 1,637 votes. Election officials in Douglas County are still verifying nearly 400 ballots for the Castle Pines race.

Both candidates agree that they will run together in 2021 and have committed to running in 2021 together. However, other candidates for the Castle Pines council seats are less enthusiastic. While Lowen is challenging Price for his District 2 seat, McEntire’s plan to run as a team is well-received by the two men. McEntire and Lowen share the same vision of the city’s future.

In recent years, Lowen and McEntire have applauded current council efforts to reconstruct Castle Pines Parkway, a half-mile-long roadway in need of repair. They say it has taken too much time. Lowen and McEntire agree that rebuilding city streets is a top priority of the council. Lowen and McEntire must resign if they win the election.

Ben Price

Three candidates are on the ballot for Castle Pines City Council: Ben Price, David Mcentire and David Mcentire. Each of the candidates has extensive experience in public policy, having worked with water districts and utilities on matters ranging from public infrastructure to improving operating room safety. The News-Press sent questionnaires to each candidate and they have been edited for clarity and length. These answers are available below.

District 3 Councilmember Tracy Engerman is challenging Mayor Radloff. He has decided not to run this time around. She said her top priority is completing the five-year plan to rebuild Castle Pines Parkway and Monarch Boulevard. Ben Price is being challenged by David McEntire, Castle Pines North Metro District’s current president.

Castle Pines residents will vote for a new mayor as well as three seats on the City Council. Ballots will begin to be distributed on October 8. Councilmember Tracy Engerman is seeking reelection. David McEntire is challenging Tara Radloff. Douglas County election officials have nearly 400 ballots to verify. All voters who received a ballot will be notified of the results. If Engerman loses the election, a special election will be held to fill her term.

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