David Icke Net Worth

David Icke Net Worth

Regardless of whether or not you agree with David Icke’s opinions, there is no denying the fact that he has earned a net worth of millions of dollars. This is all thanks to his numerous books and public lectures, and his impressive career. Considering that his book sales have never been greater, it is no wonder that he has a high net worth.

Ex-wife Linda Atherton

During his life, David Icke had an assortment of partners, including his first wife, Linda Atherton. Linda Atherton is an American producer, and she has produced two movies about David Icke. Linda and David were married in September 1971, and had three children. Linda and David separated in 2001, and are now divorced. Linda and Icke have remained good friends.

Linda Atherton is a white woman, and she looks like she is in decent shape. She is estimated to be around 68 years old. She has three children, including two sons and one daughter. She lives in America, and rarely makes public appearances. She does not have a social media presence.

Linda Atherton’s first husband, David Icke, was an ex-footballer who played for the Leicester Mercury. He was also a sports presenter on the BBC, and was the sports spokesman for the Green Party. David Icke’s father was upset that Icke’s arthritis was preventing him from playing football.


Despite his controversial career, David Icke has earned millions of pounds in sales. Aside from his writing, he has a substantial following on social media. He has also made self-published books and DVDs. He has also lectured in various countries.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate estimates that Icke’s social media following could be worth $40 million per year to tech giants. However, Facebook disagrees with the methodology. It has also not provided any different figures.

Icke is a former sports presenter for the BBC. He resigned from the Green Party in 1991. David Icke is now a public speaker, writer, and self-described conspiracy theorist. He is associated with various firms on Companies House in the UK.

David Icke grew up in Leicester. He began his career in the sports world as a goalkeeper for Coventry City. He was forced to retire from soccer at age 21 due to rheumatism.


Touted as a bona fide conspiracy theorist, David Icke has spent the better part of his adult life scouring the globe for the secret to humankind’s ills. It’s no surprise that he’s written many books on the topic. He’s also been a top-flight footballer and national sports presenter for the BBC. Aside from his illustrious career, David Icke is a bona fide bon vivant, if there was such a thing.

The best part is, he’s actually quite a nice guy. He’s a fan of the feisty old lady, so much so that he’s accompanied her on her many adventures. He’s also been a philanthropist, bestowing the aforementioned award on several worthy recipients over the years. Among his many awards is a knighthood for his many contributions to British society.

Anti-Semitism accusations

Despite the controversy surrounding Alice Walker’s support for David Icke’s book, And the Truth Shall Set You Free, the writer has not defended her endorsement in an anti-Semitic manner. As part of her support for the controversial book, she mentioned that it is “a curious person’s dream come true”.

Walker’s endorsement is not a isolated deviation. In fact, she has been criticized by Jewish groups for her anti-Israel activism. She is also a staunch supporter of BDS, a boycott movement against Israel.

Icke claims that the Rothschilds are a Jewish bloodline and that they are part of a conspiracy to rule the world. This is a common anti-Zionist talking point. In addition, Icke makes a number of false claims.

In addition to his anti-Semitism accusations, Icke has been criticized for promoting conspiracy theories. He cites a fabricated antisemitic pamphlet that he calls “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” In fact, the libel was forged. Moreover, The Protocols was used by the Nazis to justify the Holocaust.

Public lectures

During his lifetime, David Icke has published several books about New Age conspiracies and has also given lectures all over the world. As a result of his success, David Icke net worth has climbed to over $500,000. David Icke is also one of the most famous British celebrities.

The main conspiracy that David Icke explains is that the world is ruled by the Illuminati. He also believes that most of the people in the world are reptilian creatures. He is also a professional conspiracy theorist who has written over 20 books.

David Icke has been in several public relationships, including marriage. He was married to Linda Atherton in 1971, and they had three children. David and Linda divorced in 2001. He later married Pamela Leigh Richards.

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