David Cruz Walking By Faith

Senate Candidate David Cruz Walking by Faith

Senate candidate from Texas, Ted Cruz, has been walking thousands of miles around the country to spread awareness about his faith. He plans to finish up in Miami, Florida after having taken a spiritual journey that has tested him physically and spiritually. According to Cruz, taking this walk is part of showing God his gratitude for saving him from an abusive life.

He states that he ceased drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and marijuana, even becoming vegan. At that point in his life he was going through a lot of turmoil and things seemed to be falling apart until something changed for the better.

Cruz said he heard God telling him to stop what was wrong in his life and work toward making it right. So he decided to follow through, making it his mission to share his story and show others there is hope through Christ.

Since then, he has transformed his life and now works in the Real Estate Industry as a full-time Realtor for Carter TX Realty. Raised in San Antonio, he has made it his home; actively involved in its community by helping many people purchase homes there.

Cruz has been working to secure votes from religious voters during his campaign. It is an essential element of his race, and he knows that Upstate South Carolina, where Christians vote heavily, will be crucial. Therefore, Cruz is making a concerted effort there and his numbers have recently grown.

His campaign has seen success in the Upstate due to its data targeting and ground game, which he said have worked well in Iowa. But he is facing a barrage of attacks from Republican rival Marco Rubio’s campaign, who recently reduced their advantage in the state to 5 points according to a new poll released Friday morning.

Cruz can make a compelling case that Rubio is out of touch with religious community concerns, reinforcing his position among Upstate voters. Additionally, Cruz has added another point to that argument: He is the only candidate who can appoint reliable Supreme Court justices – an issue of great significance to conservatives.

He has long been a champion of the LGBT community and is dedicated to upholding their rights as individuals. To this end, he has advocated for legislation that would safeguard these rights.

As a senator, Cruz has worked to pass the Affordable Care Act, which helps lower-income people pay their health insurance premiums. Additionally, he wants to tighten regulations on insurance companies which he believes will reduce uninsured Americans.

Cruz has been actively campaigning, yet he also finds time for church and evangelism. He’s been a guest on several Christian radio shows and an engaging speaker at churches nationwide.

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