Daughter Sitting On Dad Lap

Is Your Daughter Sitting on Dad’s Lap?

When your daughter inevitably decides to sit on your lap, it might make you uneasy, but don’t take it personally – licensed marriage and family therapist Katie Ziskind told Romper it is perfectly normal for children to desire sitting close to their parent in order to seek affection, warmth, cuddles and attention from both of you – this is just a normal human need that we all share as children!

This video captures an extraordinary scene as a girl handcuffed to her dad stops police from taking him away. A 31-year-old was being berated by officers for failing to wear a mask when his daughter ran up and placed herself firmly between his legs, prompting further confrontation from officers who wanted to arrest him without wearing mask. Unfortunately, however, their distressful son continued yelling at officers until eventually police took him away as they threatened both himself and another individual filming his behavior – only for hesitation rather than anything further.

Daughters who feel comfortable around their fathers tend to remain that way as they get older. She likely continues to love and adore him, which will be an especially close bond that they share together. It is good that their bond remains so close as one day she may find her Mr Right!

Though it can be frustrating when your little daughter seeks comfort from you, remember that this is something she craves and requires. Reprimanding or ignoring her will only increase her need to seek it from you more frequently.

If your child is frequently sitting on her father’s lap, have a conversation with them and explain that this behavior is inappropriate. She may not understand why it’s unacceptable but you should explain that she needs to respect adults and other people around her. Encourage other types of games with them instead, giving them toys and activities they enjoy so they can explore their creativity more. As soon as this has taken effect, they might stop wanting to sit on his lap so frequently and life will become much happier and healthier overall!

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