Dana Brooke Dating History

Dana Brooke Dating History

Dana Brooke is a professional wrestler who has been in the industry for years. She is currently a part of the WWE roster and has a lot going on in her life. She is also known as the girlfriend of Ulysses Diaz and was previously linked to NBA player Enes Kanter.

She is a talented and charismatic personality who has many fans and followers all over the world. She has appeared on various television shows and has worked in numerous ring matches. She has also been featured in a number of music videos.

Her love for wrestling has led her to a successful career in the sport. She has been in the WWE for over 5 years and has competed on both the Raw and SmackDown brands. She has also performed with NXT and has won several awards for her performance.

In addition to her wrestling career, Brooke is also an actress and has starred in a few movies. She is a very attractive woman and has millions of fans worldwide.

As a professional wrestler, she is constantly performing in different places all around the world. It is not easy to find a balance between work and love, and there are times when she finds herself in a very awkward position.

She has dated a lot of people and has been married to a couple of them. She has a son named Joshua and daughter Sarah. She is a very loving person and takes care of her family very well.

Before she became a professional wrestler, Brooke was a gymnast for 18 years. She toured the world and made it to the Junior Olympics. However, she had to stop practicing gymnastics after suffering a lot of injuries.

One of her rumored boyfriends was actor Dave Bautista. The two of them exchanged flirty tweets and were seen in each other’s social media accounts. Despite the fact that the relationship didn’t work out, it has left an impression on their fans.

The two of them had a great friendship and shared their passion for charity work. They were destined to be more than friends but their busy schedules and commitments prevented them from having any romantic relationships.

After her breakup with Batista, she started dating Ulysses Diaz. She posted some photos of herself and Diaz together on Instagram in February of 2020.

Dana Brooke was in a long-term relationship with bodybuilder Dallas McCarver, who passed away suddenly in August 2017. He was found unconscious at his home and it seems that McCarver had choked on food.

It appears that she and McCarver had a close friendship, which is why she was in such shock when he passed away. She told TMZ that she loved him and had called him over the phone moments before his death.

The news of McCarver’s death came as a shock to Brooke and her fans. She said that she loved her boyfriend and had called him over the phone shortly before he passed away.

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