Dan Dan The Dirty Old Man Song

Dan Dan the Dirty Old Man Song

Dan dan the dirty old man song may have its origins in Africa; its precise roots remain unclear. It became an American classic during the antebellum period, becoming one of the most beloved campfire songs across both Northern and Southern states. Also referred to as Dan Tucker or Old Dan Tucker; its melody and lyrics possess a simple structure which relies heavily on rhythmic text declamation for its success; unlike previous minstrel songs of this sort it differed in being less overtly racist yet continued its popularity even post decline of blackface movements.

Dan Emmett first published “Blackface Minstrel Song” in 1843 in the first sheet music edition of Negro Melodies, attributing authorship to both himself and Samuel Emmett. It quickly became one of the most beloved blackface performers’ staples and contributed greatly to establishing a more European-style minstrel style.

John Prine recorded a version for his album entitled Dixie, while bluegrass and country musicians often perform this song live.

“Any Major Dude Will Tell You” stands out among a musical universe full of criminals and losers with its serene air of sweetness. A butter-smooth tenor saxophone solo by jazz legend Wayne Shorter, groovey electric piano from Donald Fagen and thunderous drumming from session pro Steve Gadd give this song its grandness and beauty that make Steely Dan unique in their catalog.

While most songs on Katy Lied tell horrific tales of drug dependency, this song by Steely Dan is an exquisite example of their ability to create empathy with even the harshest subject matter. A thinly-veiled allegory for heroin addiction, its haunting chorus “Tonight I chase the dragon / The water will turn cherry wine / Throw out my hardware / And time will fly by” makes this track one of Steely Dan’s all-time great songs.

Finnerty began his career with the off-Broadway show “Stomp,” using human bodies and everyday objects as percussion instruments. Later he formed his self-titled comedy band known for performing foul-mouthed covers of female pop songs known as The Dan Band Live (2005) and Ho: A Dan Band Xmas (2006) albums; these three releases alone earned them 15 appearances on The Jay Leno Show plus one concert special for Bravo; furthermore their videos featuring celebrities such as Sheryl Crow, Christina Applegate, Florence Henderson from The Brady Bunch Florence Henderson from Tenacious D, Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat Dolls as well as Kyle Gass from Tenacious D; all have appeared numerous times on The Jay Leno Show over 15 times!

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