Dan And Shay Captions

Country Music Duo Dan + Shay Performs in the Rain

Dan + Shay took to the TODAY plaza Friday morning in torrential rain for their fans, performing to thousands who lined up before 6:30 am for their show and sang along to every track they performed! Thousands more lined up before their performance even started and sang along to every song in their repertoire as fans sang their hearts out together with them!

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, two musicians known for releasing nine albums over 10 years as a duo, will release their 10th in 2019. In a recent video they opened up about an unexpected bump in their partnership which almost led them astray. Following an international tour in 2022 they failed to speak for four months, prompting them to reflect upon what really mattered in life.

They made it through this difficult period and are releasing this new record with renewed optimism. Additionally, they’ll soon be coaching contestants on The Voice alongside judges like Reba McEntire and John Legend – also mentioned in a video message expressing how quickly their daughter is growing up! We cannot wait to see what else this duo has in store for us; we are so happy they remain together!

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