Dad Beats Up Daughters Boyfriend

Dad Beats Up Daughters Boyfriend

When a father discovers his daughter’s boyfriend has been beating her up in front of their children, he takes matters into his own hands and uses a baseball bat to strike the abusive boyfriend over the head with it.

Early this month in Palm Beach, Florida, witnesses recorded the attack and later confessed. The man charged with this offense pleaded guilty to aggravated battery for his actions.

It is an appalling way to treat your daughter, yet it is a sadly common pattern within domestic abuse circles. His tactics involve undermining her status, exalting his own achievements and restricting her relationships with family and friends. It’s clear that this kind of treatment would never take place with any respect at all.

He may even require her to relocate, restricting her ability to see her father and other family members. This could further erode the bond between you two.

If you are the parent of a child suffering from this kind of abuse, don’t take the chance that your actions will harm them. Pack up your belongings and leave her alone if you want to save her from this man’s wrath.

Once the police are involved, they can protect her. You could even contact the media to ensure her story gets out and they will do everything in their power to bring this man to justice.

But, if you don’t take action now, then it won’t be long until he starts beating her again. The physical and psychological harm he causes her will have lasting consequences that she must grapple with for the rest of her life – if not forever.

No one should commit this crime, so it’s essential to know what steps to take if you find yourself in this predicament. Whether the abuse was physical or psychological, get professional assistance and mount the best possible defense.

You cannot be a good parent and father if you can’t stand up for yourself. Seek counseling or take some self-help course, and realize the only way out of this mess is to leave.

There is only one answer to this dilemma – leave your daughter with her father and/or brother/sister. If you cannot receive the necessary help from others, leave her in the hands of her parents or other responsible adults.

It’s simply not worth it!

You are putting your family at risk and allowing this man to use the power of your daughter against you for selfish purposes. He has done this before to others as well, so do what’s right for your family and stop the cycle of violence in your home.

He may try to convince you that it’s time for you to grow up and separate from him, or tell your daughter she should just “let him have his way”.

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