Cousin Eddie Blue Suit Costume

How to Create a Cousin Eddie Blue Suit Costume

Be it as part of National Lampoon’s Vacation movie franchise, or just looking to add some hilarity and laughter to your Halloween party, dressing as Randy Quaid’s iconic character from European Vacation, Vegas Vacation, Christmas Vacation and Hotel Hell Vacation is surefire way to turn heads and start conversations! Follow this guide and you can easily replicate Eddie’s look quickly!

Step one of creating your Cousin Eddie costume involves gathering all of the essential items. Start with a white robe and belt, followed by black dress socks, faux puff cigar, Eskimo hat and an Eskimo can! Don’t forget a can of beer as Eddie enjoys his suds! For added authenticity you could add dark sunglasses and chainsaw-inspired shoes as finishing touches!

Make the most of your Cousin Eddie costume by perfecting his distinctive accent and catchphrases, as the character was played by Randy Quaid with an intense drawl that defines Eddie so well. Also remember to act blunt and straightforward with others as this helps set Eddie apart.

Venom symbiotes tend to be more sensitive and show affection towards their hosts than other symbiotes; however, this can sometimes become problematic as the suit tends to overreact when upset or when its host doesn’t understand how they feel; for this reason they often separate and attempt to take over, often creating an audible telepathic scream that compels other corrupted symbiotes to invade Earth and join their cause.

Eddie Johnson is an important member of Catherine and Rock Johnson’s lives, serving as both husband and father respectively. Rock is often mischievous but Catherine remains patient as her family lives in an RV after Eddie lost his job and had to sell their house. They arrive at Christmas Vacation with all four members present – it’s good thing they had an extra RV as it all fit nicely together with everyone in it!

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