Courtney Thorne-smith Hair Styles

Courtney Thorne-Smith’s Latest Hair Style Revealed

Courtney Thorne-Smith Has an Alluring Updo

Courtney Thorne-Smith is best known for her platinum blonde locks; however, recently she debuted an eye-catching dark haired look worthy of further consideration – an updo that appears straight out of a salon!

Hairdo of Excellence If you’re searching for the ideal look to wear to your next gala event, centre-parted locks with a chic chignon is an outstanding option – particularly when combined with appropriate accessories and red-carpet photography!

Smith is not only one of the world’s premier hairstylists; she also boasts a diverse clientele that spans the globe. One of Smith’s go-to stylists for four years running has been Zateesha who has styled Smith’s locks.

By using some of the finest styling products available, she has managed to keep her curls hydrated for two weeks without frizz or breakage.

What’s in her hair bag? She swears by Holy Curls’ no-nonsense sulfate free formula as her go-to product for curly locks.

Check out her latest style on her Instagram page, and visit your local hair shop to create it yourself.

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