Couple In California Name Baby With Emoji

A Couple in California Name Baby With Emoji

California couple goes too far when giving baby names People love giving their new additions unusual names, but one California couple went a step too far when they named their child after an emoji. Their story was posted to an article entitled, “News for the Dumb, Jokes for the Wise,” although many believed it to be real. Their daughter’s name (pronounced as “splashing-sweat-eggplant”) signifies male genitalia and female vaginal lubrication which in emoji.

Unfortunately, however, their parents will likely only be able to use the name temporarily legally. California requires all names written using standard English characters when applying for social security cards, passports or driver’s licenses – with exceptions only occurring when symbols or numbers are part of an appropriate name.

This state statute from 1986 dictates that only 26 letters from the English alphabet may be used on official documents, like birth certificates. No special characters, numbers or symbols may be included – meaning if a baby born with a name like X AE A-12 cannot have their documents processed.

Note that this rule may differ depending on which state or province you reside, but should still be taken into consideration when naming a child. No matter the specific rules in your area, it is often best to opt for more traditional names so their documents will be processed smoothly without being denied for identity documents.

Many social factors can impact the popularity of certain baby names, including current events and news stories as well as pop culture fads. Thus it is wise to stay abreast of current naming trends in your city or state and select an acceptable name that will meet all official approval.

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