Cole And Jessica Survivor

Hustlers Season 35 – Cole and Jessica Confessional

At some point during Survivor’s 35th season, Hustlers tribe members Cole and Jessica began dating each other after going fishing together. It started off as innocent flirting, but soon progressed to the point where they felt comfortable enough with one another to actually converse.

They quickly fell in love and began spending more and more time together. But their relationship took an unexpected turn when they ended up in Fiji, testing its limits – both physically and emotionally.

On the show, they became close through their shared love for nature and it showed in how they worked together on challenges. Unfortunately, their bond wasn’t enough to save them in the end.

Unfortunately, they soon started to grow apart and were dissatisfied with their decision to continue playing the game together. Jessica revealed in an enthralling confessional that she was devastated when Cole revealed Cole’s secret advantage to Ben and Lauren.

She was stunned and devastated to learn Cole had given them information about a hidden immunity idol she’d been warned about – yet she knew it would come back to haunt her in the end. It was an abyssal moment, showing Jessica that Cole hasn’t lived up to his trust in her yet.

He’s already in trouble with Jessica for divulging her secret advantage to fellow Healers, and she is understandably furious at his actions. She feels like he should have reciprocated her loyalty during competitions but instead is betraying her to make himself appear more trustworthy to others.

Jessica and Lauren are both shocked by Cole’s handling of this situation, yet they understand that they cannot trust his word for it. They understand that Cole is unreliable a friend and could turn on them at any given moment.

At Tribal Council, the majority alliance attempted to take advantage of Joe with a plan they believed would benefit them. They proposed splitting the vote between Joe and Desi, who had so far emerged as an impressive contender.

Joe expressed doubt about their plan and demanded to know why it would be advantageous for them to go against his will. When they explained their reasoning, Joe became infuriated and started attacking them verbally.

On Wednesday night’s episode, Cole is seen lying down under a tree. He appears slightly red in the face as his castmates give him some rice for comfort.

As they approach the jungle, Cole’s hand begins to tremble and it appears he may have fainted. As everyone gathers around to observe what’s going on, Cole begins to experience intense anxiety.

Jessica was right to worry about her friend’s safety in this scene, as she’s not the only player sent home in recent episodes. Jessica knows she must cut her ties with Cole as soon as possible in order to ensure Cole’s safety.

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