Cody Patty Delphi Suspect

Cody Allen, 50, a Delphi Suspect, and Becky Patty, Libby’s Grandmother, Talk to RTV6

Five years have passed since Abigail Williams and Liberty German were found murdered in Delphi, Indiana, prompting their families to remain focused on finding the perpetrator. Unfortunately there have been distractions; such as Becky Patty being diagnosed with cancer. She kept this battle private at first but is now speaking out in order to raise awareness and urge women to get screenings as well as family history checks done. RTV6 caught up with Becky Patty at the field where a memorial park is being created for Abigail and Liberty.

Becky and Mike know Cody Allen, 50, whom state police charged with killing two teenagers while hiking on February 2017 trail in Delphi. After Monday’s press conference in which state police announced he was the suspect in their daughters’ deaths, the couple spoke to RTV6. They remember him from CVS in Delphi where he helped them print photos for them of the girls; also that he is married father with an adult daughter living somewhere nearby in town.

Police had appealed for public help following the murders, asking members of the public to search for a person whom they suspected was involved. Investigators released a transcript from an interview with Kegan Kline whom they suspect used an online account known as Anthony_shots in order to solicit nude photos from underage girls and groom them before soliciting nude photos for himself and other accounts using Anthony_shots as bait.

Kline was arrested for 30 felony charges including child sexual exploitation in 2020 near Delphi where Abigail and Liberty were killed. Although he denies having any relationship with Abigail or Liberty, he remains under suspicion as their killer; therefore a judge overseeing this case is currently considering whether probable cause documents should be unsealed.

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