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Top Trends for Halloween From Chucky Mask to Bride of Chucky

When entertaining friends or frightening your neighbors on Halloween, it’s essential to find a costume that stands out. Luckily, popular Halloween retailer Spirit Halloween has put together an array of its top trending looks this year so you can be prepared for the most thrilling and unforgettable night of the year!

Chucky the doll has long been a Halloween must-have, and this creepy character doesn’t disappoint. From his early appearances in the Child’s Play movies to his more recent appearances in the “Child’s Play” TV series, this beloved figure has been an avid fan favorite for years. Pair up this frightening costume with this creepy doll to really up your scare factor during trick-or-treating runs!

This demonic sister from The Nun is an especially creepy option, particularly if you go with a full black-and-white makeup look. Her bloody cleavers and flailing spiked balls are sure to cause some gasps!

Maleficent and Cruella de Vil are two iconic villains that kids and adults alike want to dress up as this year. Get the full Maleficent look with a long black dress and her trademark horned headpiece, or take a more creative approach with this “Cruella de Vil” costume from TikTok which uses foil and electrical tape for her horns.

Video game references are a huge hit with kids and teens, so check out options inspired by popular titles like Minecraft or Fortnite to create an exciting and scary outfit this season. Spirit also offers TV-inspired costumes like Ted Lasso or Beetlejuice – perfect for Halloween!

Clowns and horror are always on-trend, so create a fearsome look for Halloween with these gory favorites from Spirit Costumes. Whether it’s man-eating zombies, Jason Voorhees’ iconic mask or creepy ghost faces – their selection will give you an edge over other spooky crowds this Halloween!

The witch is a timeless Halloween costume that’s back in fashion thanks to the new Hocus Pocus 2 movie released last week. This easy and affordable look is suitable for everyone in your family – perfect for trick or treating together!

Complete your witch costume with some creepy accessories to make it truly authentic and scare people to death! A broom or wand are must-haves for this look.

A creepy haunted house mask is an excellent way to get into the Halloween spirit this year. They’re easy to find at most Halloween retailers and you can wear it all night if desired.

Cloth face masks have been a top seller this Halloween season at Spirit, featuring horror icons and Camp Crystal Lake sign from “Friday the 13th.” Additionally, there are some skeletons and zombie costumes for those looking to send chills down fellow Halloweeners’ spines.

A killer clown is the ideal Halloween costume for those seeking to be truly frightening this year, and Spirit offers a wide selection of styles to choose from. From classic Killer Klowns to IT and everything in between, you’re sure to find an outfit that will leave everyone with lasting impressions.

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