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Meghan Payton – Sports Reporter – Chris Titone

Meghan Payton, daughter of NFL coach and former Saints head coach Sean Payton, experienced ups and downs during her childhood before her parents finally separated about five years into their 20-year marriage and ultimately divorced when she was in high school. Yet despite such challenges in life, Meghan managed to establish a successful career for herself in sports reporting with Chat Sports.

Meghan graduated with two Bachelor of Arts Degrees from Pepperdine University: Media Production and Sports Broadcasting. Since then she has served as a sports reporter for both NFL Network and SportsGrid; interning with the New Orleans Saints while hosting their show “New Orleans Live”.

Meghan Payton enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with friends during her free time, including dating Christopher Titone for some time now. Their relationship is currently going well as Meghan’s father Sean Payton tweeted a congratulations message for them both on Twitter.

Meghan works as a sports reporter to cover news about all forms of sporting events from NBA games to NFL matches, interviewing athletes and coaches as well as covering Dallas Cowboys fandom online. In her free time she advocates for animal rights through many charitable organizations.

Meghan, 27, maintains an active presence on TikTok where she posts about the games and places she visits, her family life and supporting his career in the NFL.

Her brother Connor is also heavily involved with sports, playing football for TCU Horned Frogs. He harbors ambitions of becoming a professional NFL player one day.

Meghan and her brother both feel extremely close to their father, who manages to find time for both of them despite his busy schedule. He even found time to write Home Team, an NFL coaching film featuring Kevin James as Sean, Tait Blum as Connor, and Jackie Sandler as Beth starring Jackie Sandler as herself.

Meghan’s career is flourishing, and she’s undoubtedly on an upward trajectory in her field. Meanwhile, both personal and professional aspects are blossoming: she recently announced her engagement to Christopher Titone – brother-in-law to Adam Sandler who stars in Californication and wrote Netflix film Home Team (loosely based on Meghan’s father), featuring Kevin James. They plan to wed soon – no doubt it will be filled with celebrities!

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