Christine Brown New Home

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Moves Into a New Home

Sister Wives star Christine Brown announced her divorce from spiritual husband Kody Brown in November 2021 after years of struggling with their polygamous relationship. Fans have speculated that the former wife of Kody may attempt to return home to Utah, where she and her three other wives lived before joining the plural family.

Christine appears to have finally fulfilled her promise and moved to Utah, as the mortgage deed for her Arizona house sale revealed that she now resides in a duplex in Murray, Utah.

The 3.490 square foot property sits on two acres and boasts an attached mudroom with storage, solar panels, a heated workshop and hot tub. Additionally, there is a basement as well as a two-car garage.

On the inside, her home features a chic kitchen that pays homage to her show Cooking With Just Christine. It boasts gray floor carpeting, white countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

Other highlights include a basement, porch and wood-finished deck. Furthermore, the listing discloses that this property has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Fans of the reality show may recall that Kody and his partners recently made a land grab in Coyote Pass outside Flagstaff, giving building lots to all four wives for their homes. The concept behind it was that they would all live together on the land and experience a new life away from their respective residences in Flagstaff.

Christine took charge and began lobbying the others to move to Utah, even if it meant leaving their Arizona homes behind. Kody and his wives initially declined the idea, but Christine eventually persuaded them to purchase homes in Flagstaff that she intended on selling before they could acquire land.

Ultimately, it was a win-win situation for everyone involved. The Browns got to stay in their own homes while Christine sold her Flagstaff property for $700,000.

However, it appears that wasn’t enough. In the latest trailer for season 16, fans are already wondering if Christine will follow in her sister Janelle Brown’s footsteps and build her own home on Coyote Pass land.

After all, the sisters remain close friends and frequently discuss being Mommies to 18 children.

Christine is a mother to Mykelti, Tony and Aspyn as well as aunt to all 18 of their kids. Though she’s now separated from Kody, Christine still feels close to Aspyn’s and Mitch Thompson’s families in North Caroline despite living far away from Utah.

The Sun reported that Christine has a familiar neighbor at her new Utah residence – it turns out her 26-year-old daughter Aspyn and her husband live just minutes away!

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