Chiquis Rivera Clothing Line

Chiquis Rivera Launches Her Own Clothing Line

Chiquis Rivera is taking her entrepreneurial spirit to the next level with the launch of her own clothing line. The line, BBN Wear, is dubbed an “original collection” and features colorful athleisure apparel and accessories.

The BBN Wear collection is available for preorder now and will be delivered on July 2. In addition to sweatshirts and hoodies, the line also includes T-shirts and a variety of accessories. The line’s signature hoodie is this bright blue pullover with the smiley face logo and a kangaroo pocket on the front and back. It’s $165, while the cropped hoodie is $135.

Other accessories include this trucker hat in teal, hot pink, purple and black with the same smiley logo on top. There’s also a logo sling bag in bright blue and black with the bee head logo on it, which is $85.

Socks are available in green and lilac as well with the same smiley logo and are $16 a pair. They’re a great way to complete your look and can be mixed and matched with other items in the line.

There are also several different T-shirts to choose from, ranging in price from $55 for the black boxy tee to $58 for the lilac tee. There’s a long-sleeved T-shirt with the same smiley logo, as well as the short-sleeved tee and a V-neck tee.

The line also includes a few sweatpants and leggings in various colors. They’re made of cotton and are oversized and unisex. The line also features a variety of shoes, including flats, sneakers and high-tops. The line also includes a pair of strappy sandals in black and green that cost $58 each.

Chiquis is one of three daughters of Jenni Rivera who have launched their own clothing lines. The other two are middle sister Jacquie Rivera with her De Colores Threads line and youngest sister Jenicka Lopez with Over Comfort.

While most of the BBN Wear line is made up of oversized tees and sweatshirts, there are some really cute accessories as well. The line features a bee logo sling bag that costs $85. There’s also a bee head tote bag in blue and black, as well as a small logo backpack for kids priced at $65.

It looks like Chiquis is trying to stay healthy after a recent weight loss. She surprised her followers by posting a video on her Instagram account that shows her new size.

Her followers did not believe her and mercilessly criticized her.

Rosie and Juan Rivera have been accused of mismanaging the assets that their mother left them, a situation that has led to a lot of conflict between the siblings. Chiquis recently shared an Instagram Live to clear up some of the misconceptions her fans have about her family, and she revealed that her brothers are not stealing from their mother’s legacy.

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