Chicken Rawhide For Dogs

Healthy Alternatives to Rawhide For Dogs

Dogs love to chew; it is part of their natural behavior. Chewing reduces anxiety, keeps teeth clean and fresh, stimulates their minds, and provides physical relief from stress and boredom. Many dogs enjoy chewing rawhide bones or treats to satisfy this natural urge to chew; however, these treats may cause digestive issues in certain pets and irritate gums; for this reason it is important that owners monitor how often their dogs chew to ensure it doesn’t become an issue.

Homemade chicken jerky can provide your pup with an healthy alternative to rawhide that’s great for their overall wellbeing. Instead of using rawhide, this recipe uses muscle meat cut into slices and dehydrated in either the oven or dehydrator until crispy – providing high levels of protein and no additives or fillers – making for an alternative treat that does not present the choking risk that rawhide does and can be used either as a treat or chew!

This recipe makes approximately one pound of jerky. To start, remove all of the fat from chicken breasts either manually or using a food processor. Slice pieces evenly so they will cook at an equal rate when placed in an oven at 200F for two hours – you may also opt to use a dehydrator but this process may take longer.

Your dog will love this chewy and crunchy treat! Use it as a chew toy or reward for good behavior to keep him busy while helping promote dental hygiene – scraping away plaque and tartar from their teeth can even improve breath!

No matter what food you give your canine companion, remember that any additional meals should only serve as supplements to his regular diet. Canines rely on animal proteins for amino acid-rich nourishment that supports their development and health – without this vital source, your pup could suffer poor growth, weak immunity and weight issues.

Though this list is by no means comprehensive, it should provide some ideas of other snacks and treats you can make for your furry friend. Please consult your veterinarian regarding ingredients of these treats; any food known to cause allergies in pets should be avoided.

Rawhide treats offer the best of both worlds: delectable chicken jerky and an all-natural rawhide chew in one convenient treat! Made with US hide sent to Mexico and wrapped with real chicken breast for optimal quality and taste, these chews provide high protein with no artificial additives or preservatives and low fat levels, perfect for small or medium sized dogs and puppies.

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