Chick Fil A In Korea

Chick-fil-A Opens First Location in the United States

Mom’s Touch, which has locations throughout Asia, has now made its first foray into American soil with their delicious grilled and fried chicken sandwiches, wings and more – perfect for anyone craving that KFC Christmas treat! Given how prevalent fast-food chicken chains such as KFC are across Asian markets it was only natural that Mom’s Touch try its luck here as well.

Chick-fil-A is an enormously popular dining chain in America. Their restaurants are always packed, and have more than double the stores as McDonald’s does. Furthermore, Chick-fil-A has consistently ranked first for customer satisfaction for more than 10 years–making them one of only three quick service restaurants to appear on that list.

But McDonald’s remains an underdog when it comes to global restaurant markets; having only opened a handful of locations outside the U.S. This despite being America’s most profitable fast-food joint and being listed among the world’s 10 most profitable fast-food joints.

Now with a new CEO in place, the chain has its sights set on expanding internationally once more. Outgoing CEO Dan Cathy first hinted at international expansion back in 2016, while current CEO Andrew Cathy has spearheaded this process since.

This chain’s corporate purpose statement reads, in part: “To honor God by being faithful stewards of what has been given us.” This approach extends to how its employees treat customers; employees are encouraged to provide courteous customer service that surprise and delight visitors alike. This has resulted in numerous innovative service touches that have pleased many visitors to their establishments.

One franchise in Virginia gives away their expired chicken nuggets to pet owners at no cost, while another restaurant encourages staff members to volunteer within their community and even provides van services for those in need. Such thoughtful gestures don’t just look nice; they can have significant financial effects as well.

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