Peanut Butter Box Commercial

The Peanut Butter Box Commercial From Chewy

Chewy commercial, part of its “Chatty Pets” campaign, showcases how much excitement dogs experience upon receiving deliveries from a pet supply store.

Giorgio and Ralph, two unlikely canine partners who appear in this ad, share mixed sentiments regarding a recent doorstep delivery. Giorgio, a diminutive Chihuahua, and Ralph, an apparent 200-pound St Bernard or English Mastiff, hold differing perspectives about what was included with their package: Ralph assumes it contains peanut butter; Giorgio however reveals it actually contains flea and tick medication from Chewy Pharmacy.

Ralph and Giorgio’s humorous exchanges are brought to life through Rob Paulsen, an accomplished voice actor known for portraying various animal and fictional characters on film and television. In this ad spot he makes himself heard as he attempts to bring Ralph back down to reality.

As pet ownership continues to change, this ad proves how animals understand their owner’s world through their eyes and actions. 72andSunny Los Angeles produced the award-winning campaign ‘Chatty Pets’ to give pets their own platform for self-expression and create an experience universally relatable for all owners.

Chewy recently unveiled their annual Blue Box Event, offering up to 50% discounts on everything your furry friend needs, such as food and treats, toys and bedding, flea and tick medications as well as special deals for new autoship customers with 40% off their first order. In addition, there’s even an offer exclusive for new autoship customers who save 40% on their initial order!

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