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Life After Lockup – Chazz Harbison and Branwin Jones on the Verge of Divorce

WEtv decided to follow up the success of Life After Lockup by creating a spinoff series focused on ex-convicts and their new relationships. Each former convict is paired with a newcomer in order to work together towards rebuilding their lives after imprisonment; not an easy feat as couples face many challenges that leave viewers on edge of their seats. Over the course of this show many couples found love post prison; one couple, Chazz Harbison and Branwin Jones appear close to splitting.

Branwin is currently serving three years for identity theft. While in prison, she met Chazz and they married shortly after she was released despite living in separate states (He in Kentucky and she in Portland). Their marriage faced some difficulties because he lives in Kentucky while she lives in Oregon.

Chazz and Lisa met while both in prison. Soon enough they fell deeply in love and quickly married shortly before her parole date was up. Unfortunately Chazz remains behind bars with hopes to be out soon so he can spend more time with Lisa.

Chazz and Nicole had been communicating over phone calls and becoming closer. He attempted to plan a romantic cabin getaway trip for them both but their flight was delayed, forcing them to reschedule plans. Chazz was very upset by this turn of events and blames it on the gods of sex for not allowing him to get what he wants with Nicole.

Chazz is faced with an unenviable dilemma. He wants to go out on a date with his wife but she’s not interested in having sex. Chazz attempts to persuade her to stay in bed instead, but she refuses. Instead she expresses frustration that she’s been treated like meat by men and wants to start dating again; furthermore she mentions being an experienced sex worker with many clients; seeking additional work.

Chazz is still deeply in love with Branwin, believing she will change once released from prison and hopes they can make a fresh start together.

Chazz investigates whether Branwin is secretly working as an online sex worker and discovers that she may not be alone! He creates a fake account on an escorting site to track her profile, where he discovers reviews for sex services provided. Now the couple are faced with an impossible situation, which only escalates further on Love After Lockup Fridays at 9 PM ET on WEtv. Watch all this drama unfold live!

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