Charity And Patrick Secretly Pregnant

Secretly Pregnant Returns For Season 2

After an extended hiatus, Discovery Fit & Health’s hit drama Secretly Pregnant will return for another season with six episode order from Discovery. The drama focuses on women hiding their pregnancies from family, friends and co-workers – including themselves! Characters will continue navigating the challenges associated with having an unplanned pregnancy in this new installment of Secretly Pregnant.

Charity (37), mother to five boisterous boys, finds out she is pregnant again and desperately wishes for a girl child. Unfortunately, she keeps it a secret from both her parents and Axel (her boyfriend), because she fears either one would withdraw their financial or emotional support should he discover this news.

Natasha (22), is another character to be introduced. Her relationship with her husband is tenuous, and she fears he will leave if he finds out about the pregnancy she is carrying. Natasha already provides support to two severely disabled children and feels she would struggle with another one as well.

Mack (Nate Robinson), in Emmerdale, will soon discover that Charity Dingle is the secret father of Reuben Harris – Chloe Harris is currently pregnant with their child, making matters all the more likely for this revelation to occur. Previously kept confidential by Charity and Chloe’s marriage, their tumultuous relationship and pregnancy will finally come out into the open with Chloe becoming highly stressed due to her pregnancy causing additional strain for both parties involved.

Mary (Jena Malone) has kept her pregnancy hidden from her classmates despite it having been disclosed by Roland and Christian principal Skip. To show sympathy, Mary befriends rebellious Jewish students Cassandra and Roland who are dating each other but they retaliate by uploading photos of Mary onto the computer system and spray-painting antireligious graffiti onto a Jesus statue; ultimately Mary becomes unpopular among her peers including Hilary (Sarah Taylor) who removes her from The Jewels but is consoled by Mitch (Randy Adams).

Amatulla (35), a single mother to two teenage boys, becomes pregnant by accident with the same man who previously mistreated her and is devastated when forced to reveal the truth to both father and sons as well as struggling financially. Forced to seek assistance from strangers for financial support she fears the results could be disastrous and she fears losing them as well as everything she has worked so hard on building. Her story will air Thursday October 11th at 10 pm ET on Discovery Fit & Health.

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