Chad Ochocinco And Cheryl Burke

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke are two acclaimed celebrities that have won the hearts of millions. But their lives go beyond sports; they’re known for their personal lives as well as relationships.

Chad Ochocinco is an American football player known for his career in both Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers of National Football League (NFL), earning significant earnings throughout. Additionally, he made guest appearances in movies and on television programs. Ochocinco earned millions during his playing days and is well known for his hard work and dedication.

He boasts a net worth of $15 Million and has amassed his fortune through professional football for more than ten years, amassing an enormous fan base while making significant amounts of money. Additionally, he is known for his incredible athleticism as both wide receiver and running back.

Ochocinco has had several relationships in his lifetime, one of them being his current relationship with Sharelle Rosado a realtor who they are currently dating and recently engaged to be.

After one year of dating, Ochocinco has finally taken the next step and tied the knot. They already welcomed one child together and expect another soon.

The couple became engaged in November 2010 and will document their newlywed bliss on a VH1 reality TV series called “Ev and Ocho”, set to air later this fall.

Prior to his engagement, Ochocinco had been involved with Maya Lozada for an extended period. They gave birth in 2008 but their relationship dissolved shortly afterwards in 2010. Now Ochocinco has eight children from various women; his current fiancee is expecting their first together.

Ochocinco is dissatisfied with how his football career has progressed so far and wishes to alter things and enhance people’s perception of him. Additionally, he plans on having a large family together with his fiancee and their future children.

His net worth stands at $15 Million. Wigglesworth is an American football wide receiver who played for the Miami Dolphins. Additionally, he has become well known through reality TV appearances and has amassed an enormous net worth.

His marriage to Evelyn Lozada in 2012 was difficult; there were multiple reports of domestic violence from her and he even headbutted her at one point during their time together. They eventually separated in September 2012.

Ochocinco has experienced a turbulent romantic journey throughout his lifetime, which includes several relationships and two divorces. Sharelle Rosado is currently providing him with happiness and joy in his relationship.

Serenity, their daughter from their previous relationship, will soon join their ranks as they await the arrival of their first son together.

Ochocinco initially approached dating Sharelle with great consideration to his football career and would only consider ending it if necessary, so was cautious when starting up their relationship.

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