Cat Flipping People Off

Middle Finger Cat Shirt: Lord Nermal Flipping People Off With His Paws!

Flipping off someone who does something you find irritating is an effective way of showing how annoying their actions are. Ripndip Clothing’s Middle Finger Pocket Cat shirt provides an easy way to express this sentiment without directly showing the gesture; Lord Nermal peeks curiously out from its pocket but when pulled down reveals his mischievously flipping them off with his paws!

To deliver an extra effective insult, cross both middle fingers into an “X,” hold them against your chest in front of the person offending you, and slowly bring each hand back toward yourself while pointing directly at them. Or keep both fingers extended for extra effect.

Lauren discovered this when she used an inappropriate gesture against Bella, her own cat. As can be seen in an entertaining video clip, Lauren was seen holding out a fist inches away from Bella’s confused face before giving a mocking gesture before giving an insulting gesture with it. Bella considered Lauren’s gesture briefly before lashing out with her paw into his fingertip!

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