Casey Neistat Car Tweet

Casey Neistat’s Text Message With Car Owner Seth Rogen

YouTuber Casey Neistat recently took to Twitter to lament about items being stolen from his car, which had been parked in public. He then revealed a text exchange he had with the owner of that particular vehicle which has since gone viral online.

He shared a screenshot of the message he received from an anonymous stranger, who instructed him not to worry about paying for any damages. Instead, he wanted to donate any money spent on repairs to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

However, some are dissatisfied with the text exchange and have accused Seth Rogen of normalizing crime in LA, according to reports by AceShowbiz.

Last week, Casey Neistat sent out a tweet informing his followers of the burglary of one of his cars in Los Angeles. His post garnered widespread attention on social media and prompted Rogen to respond with humor on the matter, which in turn ignited an online firestorm.

Neistat responded to Neistat’s comment by praising Los Angeles as “lovely,” while dismissing his complaints about having his cars broken into. Some criticised him for appearing privileged and out of touch; others praised the 39-year-old for standing up for their beloved city.

One user wrote: “Casey can feel whatever he wants, but that’s what really irks me. He seems like such a privileged, out of touch rich guy who doesn’t care about other human beings – which isn’t good!”

Two weeks later, the actor found himself back in the spotlight with his response to Neistat’s tweet. In it, he asserted that Los Angeles wasn’t a “sh*thole” and admitted to having his belongings stolen 15 or so times.

He then declared: “LA is not some desolate city with no police or anything. It is an enchanting destination with lots of nice people who just happen to be wealthy.”

Some users praised Rogen’s reaction, while others found it demeaning. Some even accused the 39-year-old of being privileged and out of touch with his fans.

Another user commented, “Millionaires may not think much of it, but those in need certainly do.”

Some observers noted that Rogen is reportedly worth $80million while Casey Neistat only has a net worth of $16million. It could be that Seth’s privilege played a role in dismissing Neistat’s complaint about his car being broken into.

As it turns out, many in Los Angeles are struggling to make ends meet. And their lives could be further damaged by the increasing number of crimes and auto thefts in Los Angeles. While some may just be trying to survive, others desperately need assistance. It is up to all of us who live here to do our part so those in need don’t go without basic necessities.

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