Carnival Ship On A Stick

Carnival Ship on a Stick Has a New Look

The Carnival ship on a stick is one of the most popular trophies to collect during a cruise. Usually given out as prizes for trivia contests, deck games, group competitions and game shows onboard, these much-desired awards are a must-have among the line’s fans.

The coveted trophy has received a revamp, and the new design makes it look more modern in today’s world! But the prize isn’t the only thing on a Carnival ship that has changed in recent weeks.

Trivia Contests

Every day onboard, passengers join in organized trivia contests. These are great for the whole family. The hosts read a list of twenty questions on a pre-determined subject, and passengers answer by scribbling down their answers onto a sheet of paper. Once all the questions have been answered, a winner is named.

There are lots of different contests to choose from, so you’re bound to find something you enjoy. Some are just silly and funny, while others are more serious in nature.

You’ll also find trivia contests that test your knowledge of obscure topics. These are a great way to pass the time onboard while getting to know other passengers.

Towel Animals on Pool Deck Loungers

Another Carnival quirk that many passengers enjoy is the hundreds of towel animals that appear on pool loungers around the ship. From dinosaurs and alligators to dogs and turtles, they’re a fun way for kids and adults alike to have a little fun on the water.


The SkyRide is a free attraction on most Carnival ships that’s a lot of fun for everyone. It’s similar to a recumbent bicycle, except it’s hanging above the deck and you ride it around a track.

It’s not the fastest, but it’s a good time for all ages. It’s also a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the view of the ocean while doing it.

Finding the Coin

On most of the Carnival ships I’ve sailed, there’s a coin that was minted as a memento of the ship being built and you can find it on the ship. You won’t find a big sign pointing to it, but it’s often hidden in a small glass box with a picture of the ship and a label that tells you which year it was made.

Cheating is a common problem on cruises, but it can be especially dangerous when it comes to onboard competitions. The plastic ship on a stick is a hot topic in the world of Carnival, and it’s not surprising that there are some cheaters out there.

But don’t panic. We’ve got some helpful tips for beating the cheaters onboard.

1. Avoid the Booze

Alcoholic beverages are a huge part of cruising, and they can quickly add up if you’re not careful. To help you budget, cruise lines have drink packages. These vary from ship to ship, but they typically include a variety of drinks and usually run from $8-9 for a beer to $11-14 for a cocktail.

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