Canelo Energy

Canolo Energy and Canelo Promotions

Mexican sports star Cha Canolo Alvarez plans to open a chain of gas stations under the brand Canolo Energy. He has been sharing videos of the company logo on social media and signing the dispensing machines. He also has estimated the value of the property at $150 million. Alvarez, who is already one the most highly paid athletes in Mexico, has been astonished by the news.

According to Mexican media, Canelo already began to promote his new business venture. He has announced plans to open as many as 100 gas stations nationwide by 2021. He expects the project to make him one of the most successful businessmen in the world. The businessman still has a lot of work to do before he can open 100 stores in Mexico. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how the new business develops.

Canelo launched several businesses after a split with Oscar de la Hoya. Canelo Energy is one of them, with $5 million in quarterly revenue. Canelo Promotions was also founded by the boxer after his split from Oscar de la Hoya. Another one of his businesses is the Canelo Store. These companies are both profitable for him.

Canelo’s charisma stems from his realization that he is a world-class boxer. His ambition is still there, but his hopes have been lowered from a lifetime of boxing to six or seven years. While his energy level has diminished, his ambition remains as fiery as ever. His goal is to fight Oleksandr Uzyk. Canelo is the right mentality.

The store was opened by the Mexican boxer. The shop sells clothing and accessories used in the ring. The merchandise is promoted by the Mexican boxer on social media. The Canelo Store is a lucrative venture. The store is an integral part of Canelo‚Äôs personal life. Canelo’s career has taken him to other ventures, including a clothing line as well as an online store.

Canelo’s public politeness isn’t enough to offset the speculation of his next opponent. The Mexican boxer is already talking to Gennady Glovkin. But it’s not clear if Canelo is truly happy with this decision or not. But he’s certainly rich and set for the rest of his life. He knows it. So what’s next?

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