Burt Macklin Janet Snakehole Costume

How to Make a Burt Macklin Janet Snakehole Costume

Have you ever wanted to embody a character from your favorite show? The burt macklin janet snakehole costume can help make that happen!

Burt Macklin is Andy Dwyer’s alter ego and a key character on the hit show Parks and Recreation. He’s an amiable FBI agent who enjoys helping people, yet can also be very firm when questioning someone.

The Burt Macklin costume will give you the impression of a law enforcement officer driven to solve cases and get people the help they need. Not only will it help you stand out in the crowd, but it’s also fun to wear for Halloween or other celebrations!

How to make a Burt Macklin costume

Begin by purchasing two pairs of khaki pants and a pale yellow button-down shirt. Then, tie a classic brown striped necktie around each item of apparel. Lastly, you will require some black boots as well as some aviator sunglasses for complete the look.

A fake FBI jacket can be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. You can purchase these online or at a local store.

Burt Macklin’s costume must-haves include a white pearl necklace and bracelet, along with the sparkly netted veil attached to a black round hat. You can purchase these accessories either online or from your local Halloween store.

To complete your ensemble, you’ll need a pair of black heels and cigarette holder to complete it. If you plan on smoking, make sure to get an authentic black cigarette that matches everything else in the ensemble.

If you’re dressing to impress as a wealthy widow, make sure your accessories match. Janet Snakehole, for instance, wears an elegant netted veil, white pearl necklace, wristlet and black vintage dress.

Her wealthy persona often brings along her cigarette holder, so make sure you have one too! And if you want to really look like Janet, invest in some gold jewelry too!

April Ludgate, the quirky main character on Parks and Recreation, has two alter egos: one aristocratic and the other a posh widow with a “terrible secret.” When she wants free stuff from bars or restaurants, she often pretends to be Janet Snakehole; however, she also uses her posh persona for playful pranks on other characters.

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