Buffalo Plaid And Leopard Shirt

How to Style Buffalo Plaid and Leopard Shirt

Mixing plaid and leopard print can seem like a leap into uncharted waters when it comes to fashion, but with just a bit of knowledge it can be done confidently and successfully. So grab yourself a coffee or tea, let’s discuss how to pair these prints and figure out how best to style a Buffalo Plaid Leopard Shirt together.

Plaid is a timeless pattern. First brought over from Scotland by Jock McClusky – a descendant of Clan MacGregor – during the 1800s, plaid has since been popularized by Woolrich. Made with multiple colored yarns woven together into large intersecting blocks, plaid has never gone out of style!

Leopard print is an timeless classic and pairs well with stripes, florals or polka dots for an eye-catching ensemble. When styling animal print properly, treat it like any solid color and your eye will process it naturally and combine well with other patterns.

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