Brock Davies Left Hand

Brock Davies’ Left Hand

Brock Davies has one finger missing on his left hand due to an accident he experienced as a child, not due to any deformity. It’s not something he hides or remains quiet about, though many fans remain curious as to the reason behind it.

Vanderpump Rules viewers were brought into focus during a recent episode when Brock David revealed his left hand only had four fingers, drawing further attention to him for admitting he slapped Scheana Shay. As they watched their favorite character confess the act to viewers they noticed this detail as part of Brock Davids confession about hitting Scheana Shay.

It was the first time many viewers took notice of his finger situation; prior to this point they hadn’t paid too much attention to his hand; all they knew about it was its oddities (two thumbs on right hand, etc).

However, during the show he discussed how an incident from childhood caused him to lose one finger – an experience which has given him great strength throughout his life.

At only four years old, he lost a finger during an incident on his family farm in Australia with a bull. It bit his hand and required surgery at hospital for bone and skin grafts in order to save his hand.

Although he won’t provide all of the details surrounding what happened, he did describe it as being an unexpected accident and did not feel the loss of his finger every day; however, he does receive disability money because he only measures 16% overall body competence – hence why this is paid out annually.

He suffered an extremely serious injury and didn’t know whether or not he’d fully recover, so he counts himself lucky that he has kept his life.

Davies and Scheana recently welcomed their baby girl into their lives and are looking forward to the future together. Now focused on strengthening their relationship and their fitness business Homebody. Outside of reality TV stardom, Davies is also an established business owner/entrepreneur running several fitness brands as well as being a regular guest on podcasts.

He has worked with numerous celebrities, and continues to do so while traveling around the globe. He loves visiting new places with his girlfriend and daughter as he explores different parts of our world.

In his free time, he enjoys exercising and competing in various sporting events. As an advocate of inclusivity and an inspiration to others, he’s widely known for his love of elephants – something they often feature prominently on social media accounts of him and others he follows. Fitness model/commercial appearances aside, he is an absolute fan favorite on the show as they love him for always supporting their castmates; one reason they admire him so much.

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