Bridget Marquardt And Nick Carpenter

Bridget Marquardt Is Engaged!

Reality shows like Laguna Beach and The Simple Life were immensely popular during the mid 2000s, but one show that really stood out was E!’s Girls Next Door which gave fans an inside view into Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion as well as his three main girlfriends of that era: Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson, and Bridget Marquardt.

Bridget has come a long way since her days in the mansion, and has recently announced her engagement to longtime director Nick Carpenter via Instagram with a post featuring her hand sporting an eye-catching spider-shaped engagement ring. No stranger to Halloween celebrations herself, Bridget clearly enjoys celebrating it too and chose an engagement ring featuring this theme as her engagement gift from Nick Carpenter.

Since 2008, they’ve been in a relationship. First meeting when Nick directed Bridget and Madison in horror movie The Telling. Since then they’ve been working on creating an Instagram documentary about supernatural subjects; you can follow along their journey.

Bridget Marquardt quickly earned fame on her hit show for her keen interest in paranormal phenomena. She even appeared on an episode of Celebrity Paranormal Project and now hosts her own podcast called Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt. A Ouija board experience as a child only deepened this fascination, prompting her to travel with a “ghost kit” consisting of thermal cameras and spirit boxes so she can hunt ghosts herself.

Holly and Kendra have both maintained high profiles since leaving the mansion, but Bridget has taken a more sedate approach since leaving. After leaving TV reality stardom behind her in 2009, Bridget went on to land her very own travel show: Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on Travel Channel which ran for one season; viewers would watch as this former Playboy model would travel around some of the most stunning beaches around the globe in search of that ideal beach spot to lounge upon and soak up some sun and sand.

After her travel show tenure ended, Bridget relocated to Sherman Oaks – a suburb of Los Angeles – with her fiance. In an interview with UsWeekly she revealed they are trying to start their family through IVF; “I have been trying for seven years.” Their focus currently is optimizing health prior to further treatments being considered.

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