Bret Baier Weight Gain

How Fox News Anchor Bret Baier Loses Weight

Fox News anchor Bret Baier had to make the difficult decision to shed pounds. Before beginning his fitness regimen, he was clinically overweight and weighed 245 pounds; but after seven months of hard work, his figure shrunk and he has maintained this newfound shape ever since.

He’s a husband and father to two young sons, who draws strength from his faith, friends and family during these trying times. Additionally, he strongly advocates for exercise and healthy living.

For seven months, the 52-year-old has been on a fitness journey and feels better than ever. He attributes his wife Amy for motivating him to start taking care of his body, which she credits as being instrumental in his progress.

Bret was diagnosed with high cholesterol a few years back, which caused him to gain weight and also led to other health complications. To treat the condition, Bret was prescribed Crestor medication.

However, he was dissatisfied with the side effects of the drug, such as muscle and renal problems. To combat these adverse reactions, he changed his diet to stay in shape – leading to him losing over 40 pounds and regaining his self-confidence.

He still needs to maintain his health, but is determined to stick with his new eating plan and workout routine. His motto: “Health and happiness are priority” in life gave him the motivation to make lifestyle changes.

NPR reported that two top FOX News hosts, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, expressed dismay with the network’s shift away from reporting news stories towards an almost full-time editorial focus. Their concerns eventually reached Lachlan Murdoch – Chairman and CEO of Fox Corporation.

But they weren’t the only ones to voice their dissatisfaction. Other network contributors, including a senior national security correspondent and former congresswoman, also expressed their displeasure with Carlson’s three-part documentary series which purportedly falsified evidence of a January 6 insurrection.

Two contributors quit over the contentious show. Ultimately, both Jay Wallace, president of news at CBS, and Suzanne Scott, CEO of their media division at ABC, distanced themselves from it.

Once Bret was diagnosed with high cholesterol, he took medication and altered his eating habits. Eating less junk food and focusing on healthier options like fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains became his staple meals.

He took an active approach to his workout, increasing physical activity such as running, elliptical and treadmill workouts. Furthermore, he increased the amount of water he consumed and reduced caffeine consumption.

Ultimately, his health improved and he had the energy to pursue all of his life’s ambitions. Additionally, his wife Amy motivated him to return to the gym in an effort to maintain his weight loss progress; thus he has maintained a healthy and balanced lifestyle ever since.

He’s an inspiring example of how hard work and commitment can pay off. Even though he may have indulged in some unhealthy eating habits in the past, it’s clear that he remains dedicated to staying fit.

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