Braves Spring Training Hats

Atlanta Braves Spring Training Hats

Sports apparel is big business. Fans need something to keep them cool or help prevent heat stroke while watching games outside under the hot sun, and when teams unveil new uniforms and hats for next year’s spring training sessions – such as Atlanta Braves who recently released new spring training hats that have already sold out online shelves!

The team’s new hats feature the Braves script “A” logo on a navy blue cap with red brim, offering fans a classic look while remaining vibrant enough for fans of both teams who reside in Florida and Arizona to identify it with. Each cap also bears MLB branding on its back side as well as either Florida or Arizona patches representing where each team will train this season.

While I do like the new hats for both teams, I don’t believe either have found their ideal design yet. The Yankees hat, for instance, looks as though someone attempted to mess with its pinstripe design; that could potentially cheapen what is otherwise an iconic design.

I’m also not fond of the Braves’ tomahawk logo on their baseball cap; although the idea may be cute, it looks too much like someone just copied and pasted an illustration onto it for me to enjoy it fully. Additionally, its diagonal shape does nothing for its overall aesthetics or effectiveness as an emblem for their team. While I think their new hat still looks nice enough and makes for a good souvenir item from Atlanta baseball games, it may not be the ideal design choice.

The Atlanta Braves are an immensely popular team among their supporters, and this new hat from them makes an excellent statement of support in any crowd. Not only will you stand out, but your support of your favorite team will surely stand out too!

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