Boulder Lodge Bar Rescue Still Open

Boulder Lodge Bar and Grill Is Still Open After Being Saved by Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue, hosted by Jon Taffer, features bars that are struggling to remain open. Jon specializes in turning these establishments around and helping their owners save their businesses with professional makeovers, business advice and training to ensure success. With over 900 million viewers watching and an ongoing 8th season run-time since 2007, Bar Rescue is an essential part of Spike TV and beloved by its viewers alike.

In its inaugural episode, Mac and Chester’s SRO in Anoka, Minnesota was featured. Due to financial and management problems, it was in danger of closing. With help from this show’s intervention, both it and its employees were saved.

After the show, the bar received an extensive makeover with staff training, new design elements and menu changes. Furthermore, its owner received professional advice regarding management techniques, marketing and promotion.

Since airing of the show, the bar has seen better reviews and is doing quite well. Furthermore, its owner has strengthened his relationships with employees and can now focus on growing his business successfully.

However, the bar is still an evolving project and not perfect – there are a few areas for improvement that include their social media presence, beer selection and food quality.

Mac and Chester’s SRO is an outstanding example of how Bar Rescue can transform a bar. Now boasting improved reputation, reviews and loyal customer following; not to mention being much cleaner with additional amenities than before!

Other bars saved by the show include Power Plant, Rocks, America Live and Extremes. Although most have since closed their doors permanently, some may remain open with new names or renovation plans in place.

Boulder Lodge Bar and Grill remains open in Anoka, Minnesota under its original name; now known as Back to the SRO Bar and Grill and owned by Todd and Elise, with significantly more family-friendly atmosphere and improved customer service.

Overall, the bar is doing extremely well and its new name has proven successful. The staff are friendly and service is superb. Beer selection is fantastic while food offerings are solid. Prices may be slightly high but nevertheless worth visiting as atmosphere makes the experience truly enjoyable.

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