Bond White Dinner Jacket

The Bond White Dinner Jacket Makes a Comeback

The Bond white dinner jacket has seen a revival thanks to Daniel Craig. Other celebrities such as Jon Hamm, Jay Z and Benedict Cumberbatch have all donned one recently; Tom Ford designed one specifically for Daniel Craig to wear in 2015 film Spectre; fans have since inquired how they too can purchase one for themselves.

Sean Connery immortalized the classic Bond look, including dinner suits, in his wardrobe for 1962’s Dr. No. This custom ensemble by Anthony Sinclair features an ivory single-breasted dinner jacket with self-faced peak lapel and high gorge which buttons up with smoke mother-of-pearl buttons to the shoulders and features black bow tie, white-on-white striped shirt featuring French cuffs and midnight blue formal trousers as part of its ensemble.

George Lazenby made history when he donned the first white dinner jacket in 1968’s Goldfinger movie, but his attire wasn’t quite suitable for James Bond. At that time, manufacturers were trying to reinvent tuxedos for this emerging market; unfortunately Lazenby’s dark tuxedo with peaked collar and wide satin lapels was too short on him and was completed by an overly large bow tie which overpowered him completely.

Ian Fleming novels suggest that James Bond wear a waistcoat with his ivory dinner jacket, yet Ian Craig did not include one for Spectre due to playing a character who did not want to appear extravagant. Additionally, this white dinner jacket calls out for a black silk grosgrain bow tie which complements its satin stripe down trousers perfectly.

Tom Ford’s design for Spectre was an exquisite tribute to Connery’s original dinner suit, created by Eon Productions’ own company and worn by Craig. Made by light ivory viscose faille material with a single centre vent in back (unusual for dinner jackets with traditional two button front closure), and featuring three mother-of-pearl buttons on each cuff cuff, Craig’s jacket featured slim Continental styling in light ivory viscose faille fabric and classic white on black bow tie matching set off by three mother-of-pearl buttoned mother-of-pearl buttons on each cuff buttoning, making him look just like Connery in every Eon Production film since 1992’s.

The pants were created by the same company using black tropical wool with double forward pleats, slanted side pockets and tapered legs. Held up by Daks tops style side adjusters featuring three smoke mother-of-pearl buttons connected to tabs that extend from each outseam tab of the waistband; belt is of satin notch width while bow tie features moderate width butterfly design.

Though a Bond white dinner jacket makes for a bold choice on any special event, it is particularly fitting for formal black tie occasions such as graduations, weddings and high society gatherings. Furthermore, it makes an elegant impression at opera performances or fine restaurants alike.

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