Bob Saget T Shirt

Bob Saget T Shirt

Bob Saget was best known for playing Danny Tanner in Full House and its Netflix sequel Fuller House, as well as hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos for many years. Saget performed numerous stage plays as well as appearing in films and television shows throughout his career – in addition to writing his memoir and hosting multiple podcasts. Unfortunately he passed away January 9, 2022.

Saget was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and raised in Norfolk, Virginia by Jewish parents who attended a local synagogue; later converting to Protestantism.

After graduating high school, he set his sights on an acting career. Although initially hoping to work as a doctor, after his drama teacher encouraged him to follow his true passion he took acting classes and eventually had minor roles in several movies and TV shows in the early 1990s.

Saget was selected to host America’s Funniest Homes Videos in 1989. This hilarious comedy clip show featured hilarious homemade videos submitted by viewers that often displayed physical comedy, pranks or unusual behavior by children or pets – becoming one of the most watched comedy shows on television. The popularity of America’s Funniest Homes Videos quickly skyrocketed and soon it was one of the highest rated comedies on television.

Saget was featured in numerous film and television projects over the next decade, most notably directing a television movie called “For Hope”. This depicted a woman suffering from scleroderma – an autoimmune disease – with high ratings that made this an important public service project for Saget.

Saget also appeared in the sitcom Raising Dad from 2001 to 2002, following the lives of a widowed father and his two daughters. Unfortunately, Raising Dad only ran for one season due to low ratings.

Saget made his television debut as the narrator on How I Met Your Mother on CBS in 2005. This hit comedy followed Ted Mosby as he recounts his life story to his son and daughter; although some found Saget’s narration unreliable, the show became both critically and commercially successful.

Saget produced and directed his direct-to-video parody film Farce of the Penguins in 2007, featuring various actors from his previous shows as part of its cast. Although its box office performance was poor, its popularity among fans ensured its survival.

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