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Blu Cantrell

Blu Cantrell, a blend of Italian, German and African-American heritage, is known for her powerful and smooth voice. She was born in Rhode Island at age 28. Her mother, Suzi, was an occasional Playboy model and singer. But Suzi had her share of problems. She was an alcoholic, and her abusive pro-basketball father abused her. Despite these setbacks, her mother kept her head held high and encouraged her daughter’s musical talents.

Eventually, her relationship with Jay-Z was over. She wrote a song about the pain that comes with losing a love, and she is still trying hard to move on. Jay-Z may not be the same Jay-Z he was ten years ago. Her relationship with Jay-Z has also been turbulent. Blu was recently charged with attempted murder. Jay-Z is known for cheating on his girlfriends.

Jay-Z and Blu Cantrell had many relationships before Beyonce. Jay-Z even had a brief relationship when she was only 20. Jay-Z was apparently very in love with her and they began dating in 2002. However, they split up in early 2002. The following year, Jay-Z and Beyonce began dating. The relationship lasted two years. Jay-Z has also been linked to Missy Elliott and the late Aaliyah. But Blu Cantrell was his first significant girlfriend before Beyonce.

Despite being a successful rap artist, Blu Cantrell also admits that she and Jay-Z had a sexual relationship. But she refused to comment on the reason for their relationship. The couple named their daughter Blue Ivy after her. The relationship was said to have been a “friendly relationship” and they are happy to have a daughter together. Blu Cantrell admitted that she was in an intimate relationship with Jay-Z.

The singer Blu Cantrell rose to fame in the year 2001 with a hit song “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!”) that hit number two on the US Billboard music charts. Later, she starred in a stage play called Gossip, Lies and Secrets. However, her most famous role in the media is as the ex-girlfriend of rapper Jay-Z. In the lyrics, the song is said to reference Beyonce’s husband.

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