Blaze Pizza Smores Pie

Blaze Pizza Fort Lauderdale – Try the S’mores Pie

Blaze Pizza of Fort Lauderdale offers an irresistibly decadent and delectable s’mores pie for an award-winning dessert experience! Made to order and heated to ensure it stays deliciously warm, this award-winning signature dessert combines chocolate and marshmallow, held together by graham cracker biscuit. Don’t miss this delicious indulgence when visiting Fort Lauderdale!

Blaze Pizza is a fast-casual pizza chain known for their gourmet pizzas, freshly made salads, blood orange lemonade and s’mores pies. Their interactive service format enables guests to design their own pies or choose from several pre-designed pizza options.

Blaze Pizza offers five crusts and over 40 toppings on their menu, as well as their “Fast Fire”d pizzas that are baked fresh over an open flame oven for a hot, crispy bite. Available in an array of flavor combinations and ready to eat within 180 seconds – perfect for busy diners on-the-go.

Blaze offers an extensive menu of healthy options, such as low sodium choices, keto pizza crusts, vegetarian pizzas and even a Bring Your Own Pizza option allowing customers to create their own special pie at home.

If you are searching for something nutritious to eat, an Arugula and Fresh Fruit Salad is a fantastic option. Packed full of arugula, grape tomatoes, red peppers, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette provides 310 Calories: 20g Fat/7g Saturated Fat/29G Carb/9G Protein/390mg Sodium.

Buffalo Blue Salad, consisting of arugula, buffalo chicken, red peppers, feta cheese and creamy balsamic dressing is another tasty choice that’s packed full of antioxidants from both its ingredients (such as the feta) and its dressing (balsamic). It’s a wonderful source of nutrition!

Blaze also offers dessert pizzas as part of its extensive menu – seasonal flavors make these irresistibly sweet treats sure to bring smiles when dining at Blaze!

Smores pie is an extremely popular menu item and available at most locations. It comes served with a side of whipped cream and its crust can be customized by topping it off with pineapple rolls, mandarin orange slices or mango pieces.

Dessert can be simple! A fruit tart is an easy and quick dessert recipe your entire family will adore and an ideal way to round off a delicious meal. Plus, its popularity during holiday seasons gives your business extra promotion opportunities!

DIY Smores Pizza can be made at home using homemade graham cracker cookie dough and adding some shaved coconut extract for a unique tropical flair! This extra step brings in additional coconut flavor while giving whipped cream extra sweetness and adding an extra sweet note.

This recipe is ideal for anyone who enjoys sweet treats, especially those looking for a healthier dessert full of fiber and good fats. Plus, it makes a tasty snack or light breakfast treat!

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