Black Wallpaper Behind Tv

How to Camouflage a Mounted TV

As soon as you mount a TV on the wall of your living room, it’s essential that you consider how best to decorate around it. Hide it behind decorative panels or draw attention by hanging art or photos behind it – either option may work better at concealing the TV than others.

One effective way to disguise a mounted television is painting the wall behind it in any of a variety of colors – not just black! Dark green backdrops work especially well and help make it less like an awkward black box on a wall.

Tongue and groove or beadboard wall panelling is another fantastic way to conceal a mounted TV, whether as an accent wall or full wall covering. Dark colors like this blue look great, while lighter tones of wood slats may create more modern minimalist looks suited for family rooms and basements that will need additional durability due to kids and adults.

As an alternative, try covering your wall in concrete and mounting your TV on top. This striking combination looks modern and will surely draw people’s eyes towards your entertainment wall. Plus, concrete wall coverings can even be textured for that brick or stone effect!

If you prefer not making your mounted TV the focus of a wall, consider creating a small gallery featuring art and photographs instead. It works particularly well when all pieces in it share similar hues – for instance this BoConcept gallery showcases neutral, earthy pieces that coordinate nicely with its greys and browns of the TV itself.

Use art to cover up your television set – but be careful of using too much; too much can become visually overwhelming in an already visually busy room.

If your painting skills leave much to be desired, hiring a professional to paint an accent wall for you can be an affordable and convenient way to experiment with various ideas for decorating the space around your TV without making permanent changes. Society6 also offers artist-designed wallpapers which can be personalized according to your color and pattern choices, adding personality while concealing electronics while giving you flexibility should any of the designs become tiresome or inconvenient in the future.

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