Bitwit Divorce What Happened

Bitwit’s Divorce – What Happened?

Relationships play an enormously significant role in our lives, supporting or restricting us depending on the kind of partnership. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you maintain strong ties with your partner; but sometimes these can become too intense, leading to sudden breakups; leaving us struggling to move on in life after such experiences as Kyle Hansen (aka Bitwit). He recently divorced Heather deCaussin after four years together.

Kyle Hansen has been an esteemed YouTuber for almost a decade now, starting as AwesomeSauceNews back in 2012. A year later he married his sweetheart Heather and continued creating content together; when their surprise separation in 2020 came into view it came as quite a shocker to many viewers.

In 2021, Kyle took a hiatus from his channel as he focused on other projects. Soon thereafter he uploaded a video on it explaining his decision and thanking fans.

After some time had passed, he returned to creating videos with his team and also revealed that he will continue working on side projects in the future.

Unfortunately, Bitwit experienced hardship after his divorce and struggled to pay legal fees and nearly lose his home. Furthermore, his videos weren’t as engaging, although eventually he managed to recover and return to being himself again.

Evidently, he is content living a single lifestyle at present and remains focused on his projects – perhaps more invested than before?

Heather has also moved on from her marriage and now runs her own travel agency. Additionally, she can often be found active on social media sharing photos with new partners.

Though her exact location remains unknown, it’s safe to assume she resides somewhere within the United States given she has shared numerous images from there on Instagram and other public platforms (her other social accounts remain private). We can assume she enjoys life with her new partner!

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