Billy Jack Haynes Stone Cold

Billy Jack Haynes vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Billy Jack Haynes, a six-foot-three-inch 280-pound wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), has made headlines in recent years. In March 2013, Haynes was admitted to the hospital for an aortic aneurysm. He has since been diagnosed with liver and kidney problems. Haynes, however, is still fighting in the ring.

Despite his past in wrestling, Billy Jack Haynes is now pursuing a UFC fight with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He also claims to be a witness in a double homicide. In the hope of helping the murder investigation, he even taped a confessional video. He also claims that he has implicated two unnamed “criminal political leaders” in the murders. He has claimed he could be murdered and has even contacted the parents of the victims to tell his side of the story.

In the NWA, Billy Jack was seen as a legit threat to Ric Flair. During his feuds with Flair, he took shots from the ring. He also battled Kendo Nagasaki, but his most famous rival was Butch Reed.

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