Bill Cosby Style Pajamas

Bill Cosby Style Pajamas

In honor of the upcoming “77” tour, Bill Cosby has released a video showing him in the finer points of pajama fashion. In the ad, the famous comedian is sitting in an armchair surrounded by a blue curtain. Apparently, the video was intended to lure more fans to see the show in West Virginia.

The ad’s one-minute video clip showcases a very small sample of Bill Cosby’s oeuvre. At first, it appears to be an unassuming white man in an office chair. However, there are a few more colorful characters around the screen. One is a blonde woman in a black top and a blue robe, while another is a male in a white top and a black robe. As with many of his shows, Cosby’s presence has led to some hecklers, but that’s not stopping him from giving his all.

The ad also features a brief mention of the Cosby triumvirate, which includes the famous playboy, his wife Jewel, and his longtime friend and producer. This assemblage is the most well-rounded, as they aren’t the only execs in the company. Other notable members include Regine Hunter (played by Kim Fields), Khadijah James (played by Queen Latifah), and Synclaire James-Jones (played by Kim Coles).

It’s not hard to find a lot of good-sized, low-cost PJs, and many companies have incorporated the ad’s message into their own versions. A quick online search reveals a wide range of options. For instance, a pair of the aforementioned burgundy sleepwear will run you a few hundred dollars. The most expensive variants will set you back several times that amount.

While the ad has been criticized for not being particularly creative, it does show a side of Cosby that is seldom seen in public. Despite being accused of sexually assaulting more than thirty women, the actor has never faced criminal charges, and is not even scheduled to appear in court in New York in the near future. He has taken a more active role in the cleanup of his reputation, but the latest scandal is proving too much to handle for some. Although he’s got a few years left in the prime, the 77-year-old entertainer isn’t letting the rumor mills get the best of him. But even the former king of comedy can’t afford to ignore the public’s ire, and he’s certainly not holding back when it comes to promoting his upcoming show.

Bill Cosby is a very smart guy, and he’s definitely not shying away from the media’s spotlight. Using social media and viral marketing techniques, he has enlisted the help of his supporters to boost the buzz around his upcoming West Virginia show.

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