Big Ang In Casket

Big Ang in Casket

Angela Raiola, who passed away last week from cancer, will finally be laid to rest today. Angela’s family is holding multiple wakes over the weekend before her funeral is held on Staten Island on Monday.

Mob Wives co-stars were in attendance over the weekend to bid farewell to Big Ang, including Drita D’Avanzo, Carla Facciolo and Renee Graziano as well as Celia and Lil Jen. A representative for the actress informed E! her casket was open, covered in flowers.

Flowers included those spelling out her name, an arrangement in the shape of a monkey for her former bar called Drunken Monkey, large stiletto shoes and Patron Silver tequila bottles to represent her lavish lifestyle. Wakes will take place at Basilica Regina Pacis in Brooklyn where her funeral service will take place Monday.

Mourners came to pay their respects and share memories of the late actress, 55-year-old Big Ang was a fan favorite on VH1 series as well as its spinoff Big Ang, lasting one season. Although not officially part of any crime family, Big Ang had close ties to crime through her uncle Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi from Bensonhurst in New Utrecht who ran his criminal empire out of Bensonhurst in New Utrecht; her flamboyance in showing her mob connections while loving wiseguys and plastic surgery procedures.

She battled throat cancer for nearly one year before the disease spread to her lungs and brain, eventually taking her life in New York City hospital last Thursday surrounded by family and friends.

On Monday, she will be laid to rest at Resurrection Cemetery in Staten Island alongside her mother whom she was extremely close with. Raiola founded Big Ang’s Angels which has made a difference in people’s lives through charitable work she conducted; something her family is immensely proud of.

Many of her family members attended her wakes over the weekend, including sisters Janine and Christine as well as close friend Jennifer Patafio who has made appearances on Mob Wives as well as Big Ang. It remains to be determined if either will attend Monday’s wake and burial services; two other Mob Wives cast members, Brittany Fogarty and Karen Gravano could not due to their fathers cooperating with law enforcement agents and providing information.

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